Lynx used to function as a cracker and supplier for groups such as Crossline, Hitmen, Atlantis and other groups during the early 90’s. After 17 years he decided to make a comeback to the C64 scene and joined TRIAD in December 2011! He’s our second German satellite – dalezy being the first.


FUNCTION:  Cracker
COUNTRY:  Germany
JOINED:  2011-12-16
CSDB ID:  2593


Battle Khaos II +DF2023CrackTest
Flappy Trappy +2023CrackTrainer, Linking
Muddy Racers +10D2023CrackTest
Xmas Caper +1D2022CrackTrainer, Linking
Inbread +22022CrackTrainer, Linking
Movie Quiz Preview 2 +2022CrackTrainer, Linking
CT-Fishing Mini Game Preview +2021CrackLinking, Trainer
SUPER 162021DemoTest
Santa's Workout +22021CrackTrainer, Linking, Original Supply
Katabatia V1.1 +1D2021CrackTest, Docs
Graviton +1C2021CrackLinking, Trainer
Terminal Fighter Preview V3 +42021CrackTrainer
Mini-Zork II +SM2021CrackLinking
Sancik Preview2020CrackLinking
Movie Quiz Preview +S2020CrackBug-Fix, Linking
Rabbit Runner +H2020CrackOriginal Supply, Bug-Fix, Linking
Chiller 2 +2D2020CrackLinking, Trainer
Ewe Woz 'Ere +2020CrackTrainer
Meteor Math +22020CrackTrainer
Terminal Fighter Preview V2 +22020CrackLinking, Trainer
Attitude #202020DiskmagText
Jetdroid +2D2019CrackLinking, Trainer
UFO Cownapper Preview +22019CrackLinking, Trainer
Santas Funky Factory +1D2019CrackLinking, Trainer
Ninja Invasion Simulator Preview V3 +22019CrackTrainer, Linking
Frostbite +4D2019CrackTrainer, Linking
Keystone Kapers +1D2019CrackTrainer, Linking
Vegetables Deluxe V1.0 +1D2019CrackLinking, Trainer, Docs, Original Supply
Banana Republic Preview +3D2019CrackTrainer, Linking
It's Magic 2 +6HDP [cartridge]2019CrackDocs
It's Magic 2 +6HDP [cartridge]2019CrackDocs, Test
It's Magic 2 +6HDP [cartridge]2019CrackTest, Docs
Crystal Caverns +1D2019CrackTest
Super Goatron +22019CrackCrack, Trainer
Terminal Fighter Preview +2019CrackCrack
Minimike Preview V2 +2019CrackLinking, Trainer
Bandersnatch Preview2019CrackBug-Fix, Linking
Toyshop & Lollipops +D2019CrackLinking, Docs
Monopoly Preview V2 +D2019CrackDocs, Linking
Minimike Preview2019CrackLinking
Attitude #192019DiskmagTest
Ninja Invasion Simulator Preview +2018CrackLinking, Trainer
O-Pat-Ko-No +DF2018CrackCrack, Original Supply
Cow & Chicken Preview2018CrackLinking
Memory-Safe +22018CrackBug-Fix, Trainer, Linking
Conga 4096 +2018CrackLinking, Trainer
G7000 Racer! +1H2018CrackLinking, Trainer
Orbs +2018CrackTrainer, Linking
Bewitched Preview 2 +22018CrackTrainer, Linking
Sam's Journey +9D2018CrackTest
LuftrauserZ +22017CrackOriginal Supply, Test
Cross Chase +22017CrackTest, Trainer, Original Supply
Galencia V1.1 +22017CrackLinking, Original Supply, Trainer
Pengon +1HD2017CrackDocs, Crack, Original Supply, Trainer
Galencia Preview +2017CrackOriginal Supply, Trainer
Soda Shop +42017CrackTrainer, Linking
Equinox +42017CrackTrainer, Linking
Munchkin 64 Preview2017CrackLinking
O-pat-ko-no Preview V22016CrackOriginal Supply, Linking
Pong +D2016CrackDocs, Linking
O-pat-ko-no Preview2016CrackLinking, Original Supply
Ancient Legends Preview +D2016CrackLinking
Die! Alien Slime +8D2016CrackTrainer, Docs, Linking, Test
Attitude #172016DiskmagText
Space Invadaz Extra Preview2016CrackLinking
Quod Init Exit IIm +8D2016CrackDocs
Quod Init Exit IIm +3D2016CrackDocs, Original Supply
Slime Deluxe +32016CrackLinking, Trainer
Slime +2016CrackTrainer
Squirm 2 Preview2015CrackLinking
Sprint 1 +22015CrackTrainer
Hangman's Hazard +2DF2015CrackTrainer
M45 Preview2015CrackLinking
Moonfall (early) Preview +D2015CrackLinking
Confused? +D2014CrackOriginal Supply, Docs, Crack, Bug-Fix
Helicopter Attack Preview +3FT2014CrackTrainer, NTSC-Fix, Linking
Darkipede +H2014CrackTrainer, Crack
Darkness +6DS2014CrackHelp
Kur pelite tu tuceji +2014CrackTrainer
Rolloverture +3D2013CrackTrainer, Crack, Original Supply, Linking
Monster Buster +2 +SwinSID-Fix2013CrackBug-Fix, Crack, Original Supply, Trainer
Oolong Preview2013CrackCrack, Original Supply, Linking, Bug-Fix
Bomberland +5PD2013CrackHelp, Test
Helsings Hunt +22013CrackTrainer
Lemmings Preview + [unofficial]2013CrackLinking, Trainer, Crack, Bug-Fix
Radar Simulation +D2013CrackOriginal Supply, Crack
Asteroids Emulator (2013-02-23) +2013CrackLinking, Original Supply, Trainer
Wonderland V2 +42012CrackTrainer, Linking
Heavy Metal Deluxe Gold +4HF 101% [pal/ntsc]2012CrackTrainer
Airliner 101% +D2012CrackCrack
Gertie Goose +2012CrackCrack, Trainer
Speed Duel +2012CrackTrainer, Crack
Alien Zoo2012CrackCrack, Original Supply
Rainbow Challenge2011CrackLinking
Pot Nabber +2011CrackTrainer

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