Linus, a german musician, quit the italian-based group Hokuto Force and joined up with TRIAD in 2006.  As a talanted and active SID-wizard, he contributed with tunes for several productions, notably “The Wild Bunch” and “On The Road Again”. As a fanatic 8580 fan, he made TRIAD members promise not to listen to his tunes on the old 6581 SID-chip!

In 2008, Linus moved on to other groups as he wanted to be in multiple crews, something TRIAD does not allow, though still being a close friend of TRIAD.

FUNCTION:  Musician
COUNTRY:  Germany
JOINED:  2006
CSDB ID:  10025


Space Chase2008CrackMusic
On the Road Again2007One-File DemoText, Music, Concept
I swore a vow on my dying breath2006MusicMusic
The Wild Bunch2006DemoMusic
The Getaway2006MusicMusic
At MO72006Music CollectionText, Music
Ride the High Country2006MusicMusic
Floating in Scope2006MusicMusic

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