Jerry, born in 1943, was the organizer of TRIAD since October 1988. Although handing over the day to day management of the group to Taper during the early 21:st century, he still kept the TRIAD fire burning within the Swedish C64 underground right up until he passed away. A fan of visual arts and C64 counterculture, he had the perhaps greatest demo collection in the world with thousands of disks stacked up in his home in the middle of Sweden. He was constantly bothered with the matter of preserving all of this information for the afterworld. One of his ideas was to transform all of his disks to paper tape. That’s Jerry in a nutshell: always having these odd and weird ideas floating around in his mind. Jerry never gave up, though he said he would quit it all from time to time. The next day he called up some members, energetically explaining an idea that popped into his mind some hours ago. Jerry passed away on the 20:th of September 2010, missed by all past and present TRIAD members aswell as countless friends throughout the scene.

FUNCTION:  Managing Director, Swapper
COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  1988
CSDB ID:  629


Stella by Screenlight2005One-File DemoText
The Set Up2003One-File DemoText
Liquid Sword1996One-File DemoText
Bacon & Egg1996Misc.Text, Graphics
Jerry / L.T.N.S1995Misc.Text
Gamers Guide #251995DiskmagDesign, Text
Gamers Guide #241994DiskmagDesign, Text
Hairy Legs1994One-File DemoText
In Despair1994One-File DemoText
Lemon Blues +P1994CrackBug-Fix, Help
Mini Office II - Ordbehandlaren [swedish]1994CrackOriginal Supply
Wild Thing1994One-File DemoText
Gamers Guide #231994DiskmagDesign, Text
Gamers Guide #221994DiskmagDesign, Text
Gamers Guide #211994DiskmagText, Design
Gamers Guide #201993DiskmagDesign, Text
Hans Kloss +31993CrackHelp
Gamers Guide #191993DiskmagDesign, Text
Carnage1993CrackOriginal Supply
Color Buster1993CrackLinking
Daedalus +1993CrackLinking
Des Magiers Kugel1993CrackCrack, Translation
International Sports Challenge1993CrackCrack
Joshua +2P1993CrackOriginal Supply
Miss Mind Ania1993CrackCrack
Plis +4 HI1993CrackOriginal Supply
Sceptre of Baghdad +1993CrackOriginal Supply
The Party 93 Info1993InvitationRipping
The Quest of Kron1993CrackCrack
Gamers Guide #181993DiskmagText
Frogger '931993CrackLinking
Gamers Guide #171993DiskmagText
Gamers Guide #161993DiskmagText
Gamers Guide #15.51992DiskmagText
Insane Hibisch1992Misc.Text
Blue Baron +21992CrackHelp
Bouncer +1992CrackCrack, Trainer
Bubble Dizzy +1992CrackCrack, Trainer
Chi-Taowon1992One-File DemoLinking, Text
Connection +31992CrackHelp
Connection Gravity +31992CrackLinking
Diamenty +1992CrackHelp
Dr. Foster +41992CrackHelp
Not Guilty1992Misc.Text
Nova Aetas1992CrackDocs
Patternia +4H1992CrackOriginal Supply
Pharaos Revenge +21992CrackHelp
Plexonoid +21992CrackCrack
Pot Fun +1992CrackCrack
Snowman +1992CrackOriginal Supply
Xiphoids +21992CrackHelp
Gamers Guide Note Special1992DiskmagText
Gamers Guide #151991DiskmagText
Gamers Guide #141991DiskmagText
Gamers Guide #131991DiskmagText
Winter Camp Preview1991CrackCrack
Gamers Guide #121991DiskmagText
Out Take 2 +1991CrackCrack, Trainer
Gamers Guide #111991DiskmagText
Goodbye John1991Misc.Text
Dark Angel +1991CrackTrainer, Crack
Gamers Guide #101991DiskmagText
Rator Preview +1991CrackLinking
Gamers Guide #91991DiskmagText
Gamers Guide #81991DiskmagGraphics, Text
Gamers Guide #71991DiskmagGraphics, Text
Gamers Guide #6 [pal/ntsc]1991DiskmagGraphics, Text
Gamers Guide #51991DiskmagText
Gamers Guide #41991DiskmagText
In Bergen1990One-File DemoText, Charset
Dragon's Kingdom +31990CrackHelp
Studio Releases1990Misc.Charset, Text
Triad 4 years1990DemoGraphics, Text
Contact Us1990One-File DemoCharset, Text
Suckpipe1990One-File DemoText
Fifi1989One-File DemoText, Bug-Fix
Filthy 8011989One-File DemoText
The FSK-Demo1989DemoCharset, Text, Bug-Fix
Mums i afton1989One-File DemoText
No Virgin1989Misc.Text
Chuck It1989Misc.Text, Charset
Kings of Comedy +1989CrackCrack, Trainer
Vinter Mums1989One-File DemoText
Split1989One-File DemoText
Alien Kill +1988CrackCrack
Alien Kill 2 +1988CrackCrack
Not More Martians +1988CrackCrack
Road Duels + [seuck]1988CrackCrack
Back AgainMisc.Text
Game Testing V1.04Misc.Text
Saab 90000Misc.Text

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