Jeff Smart

Jeff Smart (born 1968) was active in TRIAD during 1988. He was most known for publishing the magazine “Illegal” which was one of the first ever to review and write about activities in the C64 underground scene. This magazine was published on paper, and if you have some few copies around: lock them in a safety deposit box!, they will be valuable sooner or later. One of the most appreciated columns in Illegal was “The Story of System 4”, a causerie of the Scene containing heaps of additions to TRIAD mythology.

In fact, Illegal was one of the first magazines ever to publish “Charts”, ranking groups in different categories. After “old” TRIAD’s decline Jeff joined Scouse Cracking Group (SCG) in late September 1988. In May 1989 he was busted by German Police for swapping pirated software. The case was dropped due to lack of evidence but Jeffs equipment was destroyed in the process, and he was told never to publish a cracker fanzine again. It is no secret that Jeff never liked “new” TRIAD.

FUNCTION:  Swapper, Editor
COUNTRY:  Germany
JOINED:  1988
CSDB ID:  2111


Attitude #122011DiskmagText
Illegal #291988PapermagText
Assassin1988One-File DemoCode
C'mon Nik of Ikari1988Misc.Text
Cracker League1988CrackCrack
Crackies V2.41988ToolCode
Crackies V2.5++++1988ToolCode
Illegal #30 Preview1988DiskmagCode, Charset, Text
Illegal Preview April1988DiskmagText
Katakis Preview1988CrackOriginal Supply, Crack
Traz Music1988One-File DemoCode
Sub-culture1988One-File DemoCode
Illegal #281988PapermagText
Illegal #271988PapermagText, Interviewed
Partytime1988One-File DemoText
Cracker League1988CrackCrack
Illegal Demo March1988DiskmagCode, Idea
Scout +3H1988CrackOriginal Supply
Intro Dust1988Intro CollectionText, Idea
Illegal #261988PapermagText
Possessed1988One-File DemoText
Illegal #26 Preview1988DiskmagCode, Text
Illegal Demo February1988DiskmagText
F.A.M.E. Demo #61988One-File DemoText
Illegal #251988PapermagText
Illegal #25 Preview1988DiskmagText, Code

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