Ixion, born in 1964 and former member of The Pact and 3001 was the founder of TRIAD. He came up with the name and organized the group. He was also the man responsible for a lot of strange scroll texts and TRIAD mythology which yet haven’t ceased to puzzle people. He retired in August 1988 as he went on to university studies.

FUNCTION:  Managing Director, Swapper
COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  1986
CSDB ID:  1270


Attitude #122011DiskmagText
Triad 4 years1990DemoText
Jack the Nipper II +1990CrackOriginal Supply
Illegal #291988PapermagText
To Hell and Back +21988CrackCrack, Trainer
Advanced Tactical Fighter1988CrackCrack
In the Middle!1988One-File DemoText
Falcon +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Strange..1987One-File DemoText
R.I.S.K.1987CrackOriginal Supply
Quedex +M1987CrackOriginal Supply
Freddy Hardest +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Freddy Hardest +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Freddy Hardest + [part 1]1987CrackOriginal Supply
Athena +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Hysteria1987CrackOriginal Supply
Athena +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Tunnel Vision1987CrackOriginal Supply
Bubble Bobble +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Bismarck [english]1987CrackOriginal Supply
Slot Car Racer1987CrackImport
Wiz +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Evening Star1987CrackOriginal Supply
The Armageddon Man1987CrackOriginal Supply
Anarchy +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Death Wake 21987CrackImport
Livingstone I Presume +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Tunnel Vision1987CrackOriginal Supply
The Inheritance - Chaos in Scotland +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Bop'n Rumble1987CrackImport
New International Standard1987One-File DemoIdea
New Int. Standard1987Misc.Text
Laurel & Hardy1987CrackOriginal Supply
Passengers on the Wind [import]1987CrackOriginal Supply
Passengers on the Wind1987CrackOriginal Supply
Airborne Ranger1987CrackImport
Freddy Hardest +1987CrackOriginal Supply
No Comment1987One-File DemoText
The Curse of Sherwood1987CrackOriginal Supply
Triad and FairLight Copyparty 1987 Invitation1987InvitationText
Thing Bounces Back +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Samurai Trilogy1987CrackOriginal Supply
Laserwheel1987CrackOriginal Supply
The Curse of Sherwood1987CrackOriginal Supply
Football Fortunes1987CrackOriginal Supply
Arkanoid +1987CrackOriginal Supply
Bubble Bobble +CrackOriginal Supply

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