Itch grew up with the Amiga and the Amiga scene, but was later recruited to NOFX on the C64 by some local friends. However, as the other members of NOFX were sliding into inactivity, Itch became their primus motor. After releasing the NOFX mini-megademo at LCP 2009, TRIAD members at the party realized his potential and recruited him to function as a coder. Itch worked on various projects for TRIAD, ending his stay in the group with the demo Bits’n’Pieces, released at LCP 2011.

After a detour in the wild, Itch returned to TRIAD again in March 2012. After about 3,5 more years of service for TRIAD with contributions to various projects such as Chicanery, Circadin och Continuum, Itch decided to quit on 151109 and join up with Software of Sweden instead.

COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  2009
CSDB ID:  12384


Sounds of the Amiga #42016Music CollectionCharset
Attitude #172016DiskmagGraphics, Charset, Code
Attitude #152014DiskmagCode
Attitude #142013DiskmagCode
Circadin2013One-File DemoGraphics, Code
Chicanery2012One-File DemoCode
Bits'n'Pieces2011DemoCode, Test, Graphics, Text
Attitude #122011DiskmagCode
Sounds of the Amiga #32011Music CollectionCode
Attitude #112010DiskmagCode
Pieces II Preview +P2010CrackLinking, Crack
Another Kingdom Preview +2010CrackLinking, Trainer

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