iopop began his scene-career in Aragorn and later joined JAM where he was the driving force behind their diskmag Jamaica. Then he joined TRIAD and was involved with a few releases before being wanted by the swedish military. Due to the dreadful Red Storm stigma, iopop didn’t quite finish any of his projects for some time, but eventually that wore off.

Since then iopop has been heavily involved in the creative process in TRIAD, producing lots of stylish demos, cracks and tools. Just a few examples of productions with input from iopop (often in collaboration with Twoflower) are Lucy, Feedback, Under the Edge and Borderline. He is also one of the few sceners who have been in both the cracker- and coder charts at the same time!

FUNCTION:  Coder, Cracker
COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  1994
CSDB ID:  612


Machine EP2023Music CollectionCode
Royal Editor2023ToolCode
Alphaville2022Graphics CollectionCode
3adio2019Crack introCode
Cash Heart GP2019One-File DemoCode
Stolen Properties2019One-File DemoCode
Soft Machine2018DemoCode
Dreadnought2017Music CollectionDesign, Code, Idea
Soda Shop +42017CrackCrack
Equinox +42017CrackCrack
Ohnesorg2017One-File DemoCode
Sounds of the Amiga #42016Music CollectionCode
Ring on a String2016CrackLinking, Original Supply
Sounds of the 80s2015Music CollectionHelp
Circadin2013One-File DemoCode
St. Joaquin2013GraphicsCode
Gertie Goose +2012CrackBug-Fix
High Stakes2011One-File DemoCode
Sounds of the Amiga #32011Music CollectionCode
Fly Bird Fly2011One-File DemoCode
Sounds of the Amiga #22010Music CollectionCode
Sounds of the Amiga #12009Music CollectionDesign, Code
The Alien Team +22009CrackLinking, Trainer, Bug-Fix
Voyager 192009CrackLinking, Bug-Fix
Sub Duel2008CrackCrack
Not Even Human2008CrackCrack
Tristate2008DemoCode, Design
Space Chase2008CrackLinking
BFP 2007 Invite2007InvitationText
Too Little Too Late2007One-File DemoHelp, Bug-Fix, Linking
Battle Throne2007CrackLinking, Bug-Fix
Marble Logic2006CrackBug-Fix, Linking
At MO72006Music CollectionCode
SPLTTRMNKY20064K IntroCode
Floating in Scope2006MusicGraphics
Stillout2006One-File DemoCode
Fungus II +32006CrackTrainer, Bug-Fix
Falconian Invaders +2005CrackTrainer, Crack
Robbie2005Graphics CollectionCode
Tour de France 20052005CrackLinking
Team Patrol Preview2005CrackCrack, Bug-Fix
Hipship20054K IntroCode
Stella by Screenlight2005One-File DemoCode
78-802005One-File DemoDesign
Imminent Threat2005One-File DemoMusic, Code, Graphics
The Throckmorton Device2005One-File DemoCode
Beatnik2005Music CollectionCode
Bomb Preview2004CrackCrack
Ant Eater +2T2004CrackCrack, Text, Trainer
Space Warriors2004CrackLinking, Original Supply
Space Ric-o-Shay2004CrackLinking
Attack of the Blue Bomber Preview +22004CrackLinking, Trainer
Mole Attack2004CrackCrack
Crack Mainia +4H 100%2004CrackLinking, Original Supply
Onslaught & Triad Intro2004Crack introCode
Tyger Tyger2004CrackCrack, Bug-Fix, Code
Borderline2004DemoGraphics, Code
Trac Troopa +32004CrackCrack, Trainer
DUX +22004CrackCrack, Trainer
Super Zaxxon-Cart +32004CrackHelp
Zaxxon-Cart +32004CrackHelp
Kid Grid 2: Kid vs. Kid +52004CrackTrainer, Crack
Berlin-Tegel Flughafen2004MusicCode, Graphics
Cidade de Deus2004GraphicsCode
Under the Edge2004One-File DemoCode
Candy2003One-File DemoCode, Graphics
Goose Busters + [pal/ntsc] (Lightgun)2003CrackHelp
Blax +52003CrackCrack, Trainer
Hockey Mania Preview2003CrackCrack
A.T.T.A.C V1.02003ToolCode
Mad About Dane2003Music CollectionCode
Petvjuscii2003ToolBug-Fix, Code
The Set Up2003One-File DemoCode
Collapsar +22003CrackTrainer, Crack
Ageema Blues2003Music CollectionDesign, Code
Macho Programming2003DemoCode
A Rotten One!2003GraphicsCode
Onslaught & Triad Intro2002Crack introCode
Capture 2 102%2002CrackCrack, Bug-Fix
Bounch! Preview +2002CrackTrainer, Crack
The Run +32002CrackTrainer, Crack
Heli-Jump +2 [english]2002CrackCrack, Trainer
Devil's Gallery +4 [english]2002CrackCrack, Trainer
Alea Jacta +32002CrackCrack, Linking, Trainer
Theory and Practice2002GraphicsCode
Firebird2001CrackCrack, Docs
Floppy 2002 - the Invite2001InvitationCode
Snoopy II Preview2001CrackLinking
Lucy2001One-File DemoCode
Emission2001One-File DemoGraphics, Code
Feedback2001DemoGraphics, Code
Oktober2001One-File DemoCode
Bjuv2k2000One-File DemoCode, Graphics
Triad's da Name 991999DemoCode
Mindexpander1996One-File DemoCode
The Awakener1995GraphicsCode
Silva Pod +3 101%1995CrackOriginal Supply
TRIAD "iopop intro"Crack introCode

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