Although ilesj has been working with the C64 since his early age, it wasn’t until the last couple of years he made his first contributions to the scene. In the recent PETSCII compo at CSDb, he ended up with his two entries among the 20 best (out of 106 in total).

At the Zoo party in October 2013, Ilesj bumped into TRIAD members Vent and Tao who saw his talent and forced him to join TRIAD.

When he’s not PET-skiing, he likes to dive into C64- and other retro hardware. Read more on his blog:

In January 2020 ilesj decided to leave the mothership in favor for his fellow countrymen in Artline Designs. During his time in TRIAD, he has been responsible for art direction and graphics for our award-winning demos Continuumand Neon, as well as several other appreciated productions. We wish ilesj all the luck with his new projects, and will miss him with all our hearts!

FUNCTION:  Graphician
COUNTRY:  Finland
JOINED:  2013
CSDB ID:  25056


Super Off Road Homage2019GraphicsGraphics
Screw It!20184K IntroGraphics
Cock McNuggets Wrap2018Disk CoverGraphics
What's going on?2018One-File DemoGraphics
Neon2017DemoDesign, Graphics
Rear View2017GraphicsGraphics
Neon poster2017Misc.Design
Attitude #172016DiskmagText
Cock Picture2016GraphicsGraphics
Gubbdata 2016 Invite2016InvitationGraphics
Orbital Impaler2015GraphicsGraphics
Sounds of the 80s2015Music CollectionGraphics, Design
Automatic Gentleman2015GraphicsGraphics
Upshift!2015One-File DemoGraphics, Design
Out Run Memories2014GraphicsGraphics
Engage charmode, begin pursuit2014GraphicsGraphics
2048 +22014GameGraphics
Hell Santa2013One-File DemoGraphics

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