Hollowman was one of the guys who originally came from the Swedish group Alter and later ended up in TRIAD. Inbetween, he was taken in as trial member of FairLight and worked on the never released “Marabou Dreams” for them. However, things didn’t work out in FLT at the time, and Hollowman joined TRIAD instead.

Starting out with the demo Spice Up your Life, Hollowman soon developed a unique visual style and put a lot of thought into the productions he was involved in. Smashing demos such as Horsing Around, 26KG, Feedback and Manhood, followed by Manhood 2 all bear the mark of Hollowman’s creativity.

However, during 2001 Hollowman and the rest of the group drifted apart. Different opinions arose and friction developed to the point of no return, the only question was when ways would be parted. In October the break occured as Hollowman left the group, in a way to avoid being kicked out. Instead, Hollowman joined FairLight again, now as a full member.

For some time, the relationship between TRIAD and Hollowman stayed frosty, but time heals most wounds. These days, the personal friendships are restored and the grudge is since long forgotten.

FUNCTION:  Coder, Graphician
COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  1998
CSDB ID:  8076


Edu-Intro2019Crack introGraphics
Edu-Intro2019Crack introGraphics
Manhood 22001DemoGraphics, Code
Emission2001One-File DemoGraphics
Feedback2001DemoCode, Graphics
Manhood2000DemoGraphics, Code
26 Kg2000DemoGraphics, Code
Bjuv2k2000One-File DemoGraphics, Code
Horsing Around1999DemoCode, Graphics
Triad's da Name 991999DemoGraphics, Code
Tribute 2 My Biatch1999GraphicsGraphics
Spice Up Your Life1998DemoGraphics
Ã…ke 2 Preview1997Game PreviewOriginal Supply
Ã…ke 2 Preview1997CrackOriginal Supply
Ã…ke 2 Preview1997Game PreviewGraphics, Code

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