Dr. Disk

Dr.Disk had been a valued member of many skilled and famous cracking groups, such as
Alpha Flight 1970, Chromance, Atlantis, Armageddon, Dynamix, Hardcore, Hitmen, The
Ruling Company
and more. In 1995, he joined up with TRIAD and cracked a handful of games and did some calling out to support the TRIAD boards before he quit the scene in 1996.

FUNCTION:  Cracker
COUNTRY:  Germany
JOINED:  1995
CSDB ID:  3779


Time Out +1996CrackOriginal Supply
Cubic Preview1995CrackLinking
Dioroid +1995CrackCrack, Trainer
Fred's in Trouble +41995CrackCrack, Trainer
Pieces Preview1995CrackLinking
Shaman +31995CrackCrack, Trainer
Technodream Preview1995CrackCrack

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