DJ Gruby

Since 2010 DJ Gruby and TRIAD have collaborated, publishing our diskmag Attitude together. Contact and friendship goes back a lot longer than that, though.

Once called Cactus and one of the founding members of Axelerate, he has also been in Groups such as Samar, Padua, Oxyron, Arsenic, Dream and Excess during his scene career.

On the 1:st of October 2014 DJ Gruby decided to join up with TRIAD, a very welcome
addition to the mothership! Together we will push Attitude to perfection, among
other projects cooking in the kitchen!

FUNCTION:  Diskmag Editor, Coder
COUNTRY:  Germany
JOINED:  2014
CSDB ID:  16046


Trzask Tensorskiego +1T2019CrackTranslation
Attitude #192019DiskmagDesign, Code, Text, Linking
Laura64 Preview V2 +2T2018CrackTranslation
Attitude #182018DiskmagDesign, Code, Linking, Text
Attitude #172016DiskmagLinking, Code, Test, Design
Attitude #162015DiskmagLinking, Text, Design, Code
Upshift!2015One-File DemoCode, Design
Attitude #152014DiskmagText, Design, Linking, Code
Attitude #142013DiskmagDesign, Code, Linking, Text
Attitude #132012DiskmagText, Code, Linking
Attitude #122011DiskmagText, Linking, Code
Attitude #112010DiskmagLinking, Code, Text

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