Con joined TRIAD as a musician in 1997 after being member of some Hungarian groups, like Exceed. He provided a bunch of tunes for the group before he faded into inactivity. Actually, we might still have some unreleased tunes from Con that perhaps will be used somewhere down the line! Considering his talent, it would be a shame to let any tunes go unheard!

FUNCTION:  Musician
COUNTRY:  Hungary
JOINED:  1997
CSDB ID:  404


Attitude #192019DiskmagMusic
Attitude #182018DiskmagMusic
Attitude #172016DiskmagMusic
Attitude #162015DiskmagMusic
Macho Programming2003DemoMusic
10000 Years2002One-File DemoMusic
Oppression2001One-File DemoMusic
26 Kg2000DemoMusic
Falu Mix1997MusicMusic

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