cmp was the talanted loner who travelled around the Swedish scene by himself, releasing interesting productions and supporting Antidote. At Big Floppy People 2007 he knocked the audience silly with his demo Alles is Binaer, winning the demo compo.

Of course, TRIAD could not resist incorporating cmp into the collective, and thus he was recruited right after the compo. cmp produced two compo-winning demos for TRIAD, Poisonous Injection and Tristate, and the critically acclaimed music-collection Manifold (together with dalezy, ne7 and Twoflower). He quit the scene in 2009, even before Manifold was released, but returned to active state again in 2011 after missing¬†the action too much.¬†Unfortunately, cmp didn’t manage to find the inspiration this time around – and once more faded into inactivity. We keep our fingers crossed that we’ll have this talented guy on the active roster again one day!

COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  2007
CSDB ID:  4341


Manifold2010Music CollectionCode, Music
Tristate2008DemoDesign, Code, Graphics
Poisonous Injection2008DemoGraphics, Design, Code, Idea

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