Chorus and Daw are mostly remembered as a team, but Daw was the first to join TRIAD. His friend, the well-known musician Danko suggested Daw to contact TRIAD. After having heard the music by Daw and having seen his code, he was instantly invited. At about the same time, Chorus sent in an application for membership and was just as instantly accepted into the team. Chorus painted 64 graphics and introduced a new style in typeface for charsets and logotypes. Daw and Chorus worked together the first time at an internal TRIAD meeting in Bålsta and the result of that was a demo called Suckpipe. They did three more demos as a duo but they also teamed up with other members for other demos.

The music by Daw was very special and he had a knack for using sampled sounds in the music. When he left the scene, Chorus decided to join Flash Inc, but after a time he rejoined TRIAD to make one more demo and also most of the graphics for Red Storm that was released a year after Chorus had left the scene. Chorus was also known for playing guitar in the death-metal band Amon Amarth.

FUNCTION:  Graphician
COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  1990
CSDB ID:  4233


Gamers Guide #241994DiskmagGraphics
Gamers Guide #231994DiskmagGraphics
Gamers Guide #221994DiskmagGraphics
Gamers Guide #211994DiskmagGraphics
Gamers Guide #201993DiskmagGraphics
Red Storm1992DemoGraphics
Gamers Guide Note Special1992DiskmagGraphics
Gamers Guide #151991DiskmagGraphics
Gamers Guide #141991DiskmagGraphics
Gamers Guide #131991DiskmagGraphics
Gamers Guide #121991DiskmagGraphics
Gamers Guide #111991DiskmagGraphics
Gamers Guide #101991DiskmagGraphics
Time Out1991DemoGraphics, Design, Charset
Gamers Guide #91991DiskmagGraphics
In Bergen1990One-File DemoText, Graphics
Lickpipe1990DemoCharset, Graphics
Triad 4 years1990DemoGraphics
Immortal1990DemoCharset, Graphics
Ko Opperation1990DemoGraphics
Contact Us1990One-File DemoGraphics
Suckpipe1990One-File DemoGraphics, Text

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