Ca$h began his scene-career in groups such as SHIT, Zoom, Zone45 and Vision, functioning as a graphician and mega-swapper. Then he joined up with TRIAD and fully concentrated on spreading TRIAD releases around the globe via snailmail.  With an adressbook filled with well over 250 contacts simultaneously, many sceners  have received the latest from TRIAD via Ca$h!

Ca$h has been a member of TRIAD for a very long time, going in and out of inactivity from time to time during the years, but never totally fading away from the group. After his swapping days, he is now functioning as a TRIAD collector.  These days he occasionally shows up at parties with his fellow TRIAD comrades, and is currently working on preserving his vast collection of floppy disks.

FUNCTION:  Spreader, Collector
COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  1993
CSDB ID:  2385


Muppet Adventure +1D2022CrackOriginal Supply
Sir Arthur Preview +22022CrackOriginal Supply
Chiller 2 Preview 2 +3H2020CrackTest
Into Hinterland World +42020IDE64 ReleaseOriginal Supply
Fire! +2020CrackTest
Crackpots +1D2020CrackOriginal Supply
Crackpots V1.01 +1D2020CrackOriginal Supply
Into Hinterland World +42020CrackOriginal Supply
UFO Cownapper Preview +22019CrackOriginal Supply
Frostbite +4D2019CrackOriginal Supply
Keystone Kapers +1D2019CrackTest
Vegetables Deluxe V1.0 +1D2019CrackOriginal Supply
Mr T Meets His Match +D2019CrackOriginal Supply
Mr T's Alphabet Games +D2019CrackOriginal Supply
Mr T's Money Box +D2019CrackOriginal Supply
Banana Republic Preview +3D2019CrackOriginal Supply
Chopper Command +3D2019CrackDocs, Original Supply
Cash Heart GP2019One-File DemoGraphics, Idea
Minimike Preview V2 +2019CrackOriginal Supply
DUBCRT +3D2019CrackOriginal Supply
Toyshop & Lollipops +D2019CrackOriginal Supply
Monopoly Preview V2 +D2019CrackHelp
Minimike Preview2019CrackOriginal Supply
L'Abbaye des Morts +2DS2019CrackOriginal Supply
Attitude #162015DiskmagInterviewed
20 Years Later2013GraphicsGraphics
Ambient Logo1996GraphicsGraphics, Text
Laxity Logo1996GraphicsGraphics, Text

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