Bismarck joined TRIAD in 1990 when a bunch of members from Rebels jumped ship. He functioned as a skilled and active cracker for many years, and also put a lot of work into Gamers Guide, providing both graphics and text for the magazine. Bismarck finally retired from the scene in 1995, with an impressive trackrecord of TRIAD releases behind him. He was without doubt a very important member for the group during those years. Sometimes appeared also under the name William Godwin.

FUNCTION:  Swapper, Cracker, Graphician
COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  1990
CSDB ID:  349


Gamers Guide #251995DiskmagCharset
Gamers Guide #241994DiskmagCharset
Lemon Blues +P1994CrackTrainer, Crack
Gamers Guide #231994DiskmagCharset
Gamers Guide #221994DiskmagCharset
Gamers Guide #211994DiskmagCharset
Madrax +31993CrackCrack, Trainer
Super Penetrator1993CrackCrack
Gamers Guide #201993DiskmagCharset
Pair of Memory +1993CrackTrainer, Crack
Gamers Guide #191993DiskmagText, Charset
Ball Land +21993CrackCrack, Trainer
Lemmings Preview1993CrackCrack
Gamers Guide #181993DiskmagCharset, Graphics
Gamers Guide #171993DiskmagCharset, Graphics
Gamers Guide #161993DiskmagCharset, Graphics
Gamers Guide #15.51992DiskmagCharset, Graphics
Bangers & Mash +1992CrackCrack, Trainer
Captain Dynamo +31992CrackCrack, Trainer
Hideous +41992CrackTrainer, Crack
Red Storm1992DemoGraphics
Backtracking1992Music CollectionGraphics
Blue Baron +21992CrackCrack, Trainer
Bubble Dizzy +1992CrackCrack, Trainer
Construction of Confusion +21992CrackOriginal Supply
Cross It +21992CrackCrack, Trainer
Deliverance +21992CrackCrack, Trainer
Pot Fun +1992CrackTrainer, Crack
Roll It +1992CrackCrack, Trainer
Schere Stein Papier1992CrackCrack
Solitax +1992CrackCrack, Trainer
Space Towers +31992CrackCrack, Trainer
Super Seymour +1992CrackCrack, Trainer
Tai Chi Tortoise +1992CrackCrack, Trainer
Turbo the Tortoise +41992CrackOriginal Supply
Xiphoids +21992CrackTrainer, Crack
Gamers Guide Note Special1992DiskmagCharset
Gamers Guide #151991DiskmagText, Charset
Gamers Guide #141991DiskmagCharset, Text
Gamers Guide #131991DiskmagText, Charset
Gamers Guide #121991DiskmagText, Charset
Clystron +2H1991CrackTrainer, Crack
Gamers Guide #111991DiskmagText, Charset
3D Scacchi Simulator1991CrackCrack
3D Stock Cars 2 1991CrackCrack
Beatball +21991CrackCrack, Trainer
Cavemania +41991CrackTrainer, Crack
Coalminer +21991CrackTrainer, Crack
Firepit +1991CrackCrack, Trainer
Gamers Guide #101991DiskmagText, Charset
I Play 3D Chess1991CrackCrack
Jump Out1991CrackCrack
League Soccer '911991CrackCrack
Lethal Zone Preview1991CrackCrack
Mad Springs1991CrackCrack
Mark, Set, Go!1991CrackOriginal Supply
Ninja Rabbits +21991CrackTrainer, Crack
Over the Net1991CrackCrack
Pick'n'Pile +21991CrackTrainer, Crack
Psycloid +21991CrackCrack
Pure Seed +2H1991CrackTrainer, Crack
Red October1991One-File DemoGraphics
Rolling Ronny Preview1991CrackCrack
Sentence +21991CrackTrainer, Crack
Shot Away +1991CrackCrack, Trainer
Super Cars +81991CrackCrack, Trainer
Superkid in Space +41991CrackCrack, Trainer
Tube Madness +1991CrackTrainer, Docs, Crack
Twinky Goes Hiking +21991CrackCrack, Trainer
ViNews #101991DiskmagGraphics
World Championship Soccer (v1)1991CrackCrack
Gamers Guide #91991DiskmagCharset, Text
Cygnus +61991CrackOriginal Supply
Gamers Guide #81991DiskmagText, Graphics, Charset
Gamers Guide #71991DiskmagCharset, Text, Graphics
Gamers Guide #6 [pal/ntsc]1991DiskmagGraphics, Text, Charset
Gamers Guide #51991DiskmagText, Charset, Graphics
Gamers Guide #41991DiskmagGraphics, Text, Charset
Gamers Guide #31991DiskmagGraphics, Text, Charset
Gamers Guide #21991DiskmagGraphics
Gamers Guide #21991DiskmagText, Charset
Gamers Guide #21991DiskmagCharset
Gamers Guide #21991DiskmagGraphics
Gamers Guide #11990DiskmagGraphics, Text, Charset
E-Swat +31990CrackCrack
UN Squadron +31990CrackCrack, Trainer
The Spy Who Loved Me +61990CrackTrainer, Crack
Clue - Master Detective [ntsc/pal]1990CrackImport
Celluloid1990CrackTrainer, Crack
Dragon's Kingdom +31990CrackTrainer, Crack
Hellhole +61990CrackCrack, Trainer
Skatin' USA +41990CrackCrack, Trainer
Superkid +1990CrackTrainer, Crack
The Wombles +1990CrackCrack, Trainer
Time Machine +1990CrackCrack, Trainer
Tunnels of Terror +21990CrackTrainer, Crack
Turbo Kart Racer +21990CrackCrack, Trainer
Summertime Blues1989One-File DemoGraphics
Genloc PreviewCrackCrack
Moons +CrackCrack
Paranoimia +2CrackCrack, Trainer

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