bepp has been hanging around the outskirts of the C64 scene for ages, but never as a member of a group. Bumping into some TRIAD members at local south Sweden meetings, his enthusiasm for the C64 scene and web design skills didn’t go unnoticed. As the TRIAD web site had been neglected for many years, bepp was recruited as webmaster in early 2011. The new TRIAD site was launched with TRIAD’s 25th birthday.

Together with Taper, bepp is handling the day-to-day business in TRIAD, doing much of the supporting work. He also likes to dig in the TRIAD archives, detailing the history and every now and then find a nice game to crack =)

A fun fact is that bepp was a teacher at the university that Taper and iopop once attended – holding classes with them as pupils. Back then, we had no idea bepp was interested in the C64 though =)

FUNCTION:  Co-organizer, Webmaster
COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  2011
CSDB ID:  21185


DUBCRT +3D2019CrackDocs, Test
Stolen Properties2019One-File DemoHelp
Toyshop & Lollipops +D2019CrackTest
Death in the Caribbean +DS +Map2018CrackOriginal Supply
Pengon +1HD2017CrackOriginal Supply
Sankara Stone +S2015CrackHelp
Hangman's Hazard +2DF2015CrackDocs
Confused? +D2014CrackTest
Anim8.42013Other Platform ToolCode
Anim82013Other Platform ToolCode
Attitude #142013DiskmagHelp
Radar Simulation +D2013CrackHelp
Wonderland V2 +42012CrackTest
Dunzhin +D2012CrackDocs, Original Supply
Attitude #132012DiskmagText
Airliner 101% +D2012CrackOriginal Supply, Docs
Gertie Goose +2012CrackOriginal Supply
Slicker Puzzle +D2012CrackOriginal Supply
Speed Duel +2012CrackOriginal Supply
Crack of Doom +D2012CrackDocs, Original Supply
Space Shuttle +D2012CrackOriginal Supply, Docs
Rainbow Challenge2011CrackOriginal Supply
Attitude #122011DiskmagText
Salvage2011CrackOriginal Supply

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