Avalon is a well-known Swedish C64 musician who used to be a member of Fairlight and Wrath Designs. After leaving Wrath Designs, he stayed groupless for almost five years, but then joined TRIAD at Isterparty 2011 in Lund, ending his solo career. Avalon lent his talent to TRIAD once before though, composing the music for “Stella by Screenlight”, a one-file demo released in 2005. He is a very talanted musician, but has also ventured into the graphics realm a few times during the years.

On the 18:th of September 2011 Avalon decided to leave TRIAD to team up with his longtime friend Oxidy in FairLight instead. We wish him all the best on his future travels!

FUNCTION:  Musician
COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  2011
CSDB ID:  2889


Bits'n'Pieces2011DemoMusic, Graphics
Attitude #122011DiskmagMusic
Stella by Screenlight2005One-File DemoMusic

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