FUNCTION:  Cracker, Coder
COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  1991
CSDB ID:  305


Onslaught & Triad Intro2002Crack introMusic
Gamers Guide #251995DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #241994DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #231994DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #221994DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #211994DiskmagMusic
Gamers Guide #201993DiskmagMusic
Karamalz Cup1993CrackCrack
Gamers Guide #191993DiskmagMusic
Arnie 2 +21993CrackTrainer, Crack
Bee 52 +31993CrackCrack, Trainer
Bounce! +1993CrackCrack, Trainer
Circuit +3P1993CrackCrack, Trainer
Color Buster1993CrackCrack
Cue Boy1993CrackCrack
Fist Fighter +1993CrackCrack, Trainer
Hektic II +3H1993CrackTrainer, Crack
International Sports Challenge1993CrackCrack
International Table Tennis1993CrackCrack
International Truck Racing +1993CrackTrainer, Crack
Joshua +2P1993CrackCrack, Trainer
Mega Starforce +1993CrackTrainer, Crack
World Championship Squash1993CrackCrack
Grell & Falla +31993CrackCrack, Trainer
Frogger '931993CrackCrack, Trainer
TRIAD "Alfatech intro"1993Crack introMusic, Code
Baller Up +2H1992CrackTrainer, Crack
Red Storm1992DemoCode
Alien Killers +1992CrackTrainer, Crack
Connection +31992CrackTrainer, Crack
Connection Gravity +31992CrackCrack, Trainer
Construction of Confusion +21992CrackTrainer, Crack
Cool Croc Twins +1992CrackTrainer, Crack
Cruel Zone1992CrackCrack
Die Hard 2 +51992CrackCrack, Trainer
Hyper Aggressive1992CrackCrack
International Ice Hockey1992CrackCrack
Locomotion +3P1992CrackCrack, Trainer
Music-Assembler V1.31992ToolBug-Fix, NTSC-Fix, Code
Patternia +4H1992CrackCrack, Trainer
Plexonoid +21992CrackTrainer
Snowman +1992CrackTrainer, Crack
Spaze Duell Preview1992CrackCrack
Stop the Calippo Fresser +1992CrackCrack, Trainer
The Bod Squad +21992CrackTrainer, Crack
TRIAD "Alfatech trainer intro"1992Crack introCode, Music
Turbo the Tortoise +41992CrackCrack, Trainer
Gamers Guide Note Special1992DiskmagMusic
Brain Artifice1992CrackCrack
TRIAD "King Fisher intro"1992Crack introMusic
Gamers Guide #151991DiskmagMusic
Triad & Fairlight Intro1991Crack introCode, Graphics
3D Construction Kit1991CrackCrack
500cc Motomanager1991CrackCrack
Einstein +41991CrackTrainer, Crack
Fourty Five +1991CrackTrainer, Crack
I Want More Diamonds +21991CrackCrack, Trainer
Jahangir Khan Squash1991CrackCrack
Lethal Zone +31991CrackCrack, Trainer
Level-Squeezer V2.0 ++1991ToolCode
Logical +21991CrackCrack, Trainer
Manchester United Europe1991CrackCrack
Mark, Set, Go!1991CrackCrack
Mechanicus Preview1991CrackCrack
Music Assembler V1.21991ToolCode, Bug-Fix
Music-Assembler V1.11991ToolCode
North & South +1991CrackTrainer, Crack
Oby 11991CrackCrack
Panic Dizzy1991CrackCrack
The Crypt1991CrackCrack
Turbo Charge +31991CrackCrack, Trainer
Twin Down1991CrackCrack
Cygnus +61991CrackCrack, Trainer
Twin DownCrackCrack

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