Adder is a coder by trade and used to be a member of Siesta and later Artline Design, but then decided to join up with TRiAD a few years back.

As soon as he had joined, he started out coding the car-themed SUPER 16 demo which scored silver at the Transmission64 Fall Edition back in 2021.

In late 2022 the very stylish demo Remission was released, again with the main code conducted by Adder and which ended up securing the gold medal at Transmission64 3rd Edition, in fierce competition with especially Padua.

Other notable TRiAD demos with Adder as a main coder that you absolutely should watch are Coppernicus and Kinetics.

COUNTRY:  Germany
JOINED:  2021
CSDB ID:  298


The Bogdanoffs2022GraphicsCode
Coppernicus2022One-File DemoCode
SUPER 162021DemoCode

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