Abaddon is a talented musician and coder who started out in Damage in the late 90s. In 2003 he joined Fairlight, working together with Hollowman and Pantaloon (both former TRIAD members). For many years he was a great contributor to their success in demo compos – among others Boogie Factor and We Are New. Eventually Abaddon chose to go solo, focusing on his tracker project CheeseCutter.

After having contributed with great music and awesome parts in numerous TRIAD releases, Abaddon decided to leave the mummyship in January 2017.

FUNCTION:  Coder, Musician
COUNTRY:  Finland
JOINED:  2012
CSDB ID:  292


CheeseCutter 2.9.02017Other Platform ToolCode
Zoo 2017 Invitation2016InvitationMusic
CheeseCutter 2.8.02015Other Platform ToolCode
Join the Cosmic Caravan2015MusicMusic
Vaakataso2015MusicMusic, Code
CheeseCutter 2.7.12015Other Platform ToolCode
CheeseCutter 2.6.12014Other Platform ToolCode
Attitude #142013DiskmagMusic
CheeseCutter 2.5.02013Other Platform ToolCode
Arkijuusto (toinen siivu)2013MusicHelp
Subtlety is not my Business2013MusicMusic
TRI/\D - Suddenly I felt the heat under my cloak2013GraphicsCode
Starfish [extended version]2013MusicMusic
CheeseCutter 2.4.02012Other Platform ToolCode
Manhood 22001DemoMusic

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