801 DC

801 DC was in fact one of the most important TRIAD members ever. Following the retirement of Ixion in 1988, TRIAD almost died. The TRIAD eras before and after this crisis are sometimes referred to as the “old” and “new” TRIAD respectively. But TRIAD didn’t die! There was one person who kept the fire burning, and that person was 801 DC. He and the Sarge released some demos from August 1988 until Jerry joined as the new leader two months later. He tragically died in an airplane accident on midsummers eve 1991, missed by all his friends in TRIAD.

COUNTRY:  Sweden
JOINED:  1987
CSDB ID:  3344


Gamers Guide #111991DiskmagGraphics, Code, Charset
Goodbye John1991Misc.Charset, Code
Gamers Guide #81991DiskmagCode, Charset, Graphics
Gamers Guide #71991DiskmagCode, Charset, Graphics
Gamers Guide #6 [pal/ntsc]1991DiskmagCode, Charset
Gamers Guide #51991DiskmagCode, Charset
Gamers Guide #41991DiskmagGraphics, Code, Charset
Gamers Guide #31991DiskmagCharset, Graphics, Code
Gamers Guide #21991DiskmagCode
Gamers Guide #21991DiskmagGraphics, Charset
Gamers Guide #21991DiskmagGraphics
Gamers Guide #21991DiskmagCode
Gamers Guide #21991DiskmagCharset
Gamers Guide #11990DiskmagCharset, Graphics, Code
In Bergen1990One-File DemoCode
Studio Releases1990Misc.Code
Triad 4 years1990DemoSampling, Graphics, Text, Code
Filthy 8011989One-File DemoText, Code
Hippopotamus1989One-File DemoGraphics, Code, Charset
Mums i afton1989One-File DemoGraphics, Text, Code
No Virgin1989Misc.Code
3x3 Editor1989ToolCode
Chuck It1989Misc.Code
Vinter Mums1989One-File DemoCharset, Graphics, Text, Code
And Out Comes Georg1989MusicCode, Sampling
UB401989Music CollectionCharset, Code, Sampling
Celebrate1988One-File DemoCharset
Kim Wilde1988MusicCharset, Code, Sampling
Run801D(M)C1988MusicCode, Sampling, Charset
Guest Talk1988One-File DemoCharset
Va fan du vill1988One-File DemoCharset
Art of '881988GraphicsMusic
Art of '881988GraphicsMusic
Xecution 61988GraphicsMusic
Taking a Break1988One-File DemoCharset
Al Kadaffi1988MusicCode, Sampling, Text
Di-Art1988GameText, Code, Graphics, Charset, Music
El Kadaffi1988MusicSampling
Gösta1988MusicSampling, Code
Twin Cobra1988GameCode, Music
Young Love1988GraphicsCode
Vivaldi's 4 Seasons - the Autumn1988One-File DemoCharset, Code, Sampling
Vivaldi's 4 Seasons - the Spring1988One-File DemoCharset, Code, Sampling
Vivaldi's 4 Seasons - the Summer1988One-File DemoCode, Sampling, Charset
Vivaldi's Four Seasons - The Winter1988MusicCharset, Code, Sampling
TRIAD "Import intro"1988Crack introCharset
Thunder Light Preview +31988CrackTrainer
The Cure1988MusicCharset, Code, Sampling
In the Middle!1988One-File DemoCharset, Code
Tiger Hell1988GameSampling
Beastie B1988One-File DemoCode, Charset, Text, Sampling
Xecution 11988GraphicsCode, Graphics, Charset
Xecution 31988GraphicsCode, Charset
Xecution 21988GraphicsCode
Gorbatjov1988MusicCode, Sampling
Kraftwerk "We are the Robots"1988MusicSampling, Code
The Cure1988MusicCode, Sampling, Charset
ZZ-Top1988One-File DemoCode, Sampling, Charset
Sozzled++1987One-File DemoGraphics, Code
Front 2421987MusicSampling, Code
Good Name1987One-File DemoGraphics, Code
801 / Cazzoni Demo1987One-File DemoGraphics, Code
No Mercy1987One-File DemoCode
Extra Ignored1986One-File DemoGraphics
801 IntroIntroCode, Graphics
801 LetterMisc.Text
801 Letter #7Misc.Text
CoherasserMusicText, Sampling, Code
Directory Master 8KToolCode
TRIAD "Lightgun intro"Crack introDesign, Code

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