4gentE was born back in 1974, in Zagreb, Yugoslavia and has been on a 32 year hiatus from the C64 (1989-2021).

Nowadays he is crafting software/audio/video artifacts, using words/graphics/graphic design/music to help convey the message/story he wants to communicate, and using code to tie it all together.

Being no programmer by trade, he likes C64 coding because it’s so close to the metal that to him it feels like literally flipping the switches, seeing what will happen. Sometimes you see some standalone PETSCII/gfx releases as well.

At first he was sailing the demoscene solo, then joined Onslaught for little over a year, and now he is in TRiAD, his favorite group since forever.

FUNCTION:  Coder, Graphician
COUNTRY:  Croatia
JOINED:  2022
CSDB ID:  35535


Black Hole2023GraphicsGraphics
Thousand Hills2023One-File DemoCode, Text, Graphics
People Too2023One-File DemoGraphics, Code, Text
Lincolnshire Poacher2023One-File DemoCode, Text, Graphics
Flora2023One-File DemoGraphics, Code, Text
Into Darkness2023One-File DemoCode, Graphics
Engelbart2023One-File DemoCode, Text, Graphics
Wired/weird2023One-File DemoGraphics, Code, Text
Everything Leaks2023One-File DemoCode, Text, Graphics
Error/Time2023One-File DemoGraphics, Code, Text
Todbereit2023One-File DemoCode, Text, Graphics
Machine EP2023Music CollectionCode
Club Ascension2023GraphicsGraphics
Xerox 1K Intro20231K IntroCode, Graphics
Jungle Scare2022GraphicsGraphics

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