Since we’ve been lazy with updates on this page again, here we go with a mega-update, mainly focusing on what happened during the last 7 months.

TRIAD ended 2017 with a bunch of cracks being released.  The sales-version of Slipstream was handled together with our friends in G*P in late November.

3A month later and we did what few thought was possible to pull off (especially in such a short time-frame) and presented a disk-version of the cartridge game LuftRauserZ with two trainers. Even cooler is the fact that the game doesn’t suffer from being run from disk, so no wonder this became a publicly acclaimed release. Sailor did the cracking while Lynx supplied the original.

mega-animThe traditional christmas release was next in line and on the 24:th of December we released Megatanoi Preview V2 +D, a game with a special story where Sailor had dug up new unseen material from unknown development disks.

Another win in December was the recruitment of old Tronix-coder Powerslave, who joined up with the mummyship!

In the very beginning of 2018 TRIAD also presented the definite version of the totally asskicking game Sam’s Journey. With no less than 9 trainers and complete with documentation, this version blows all other cracks out of the water. A whole range of members helped out with this game including Taper, MtnBuffalo, Lynx and Powerslave, but the hard work was once again done by Sailor.

Sadly, we also lost one of our graphicians in early 2018 when Vent decided to join up with his old buddies in Extend instead. We wish him a good stay in his new group, while being glad for all the neat contributions he has done for TRIAD during the years.

In March, a delegation from TRIAD attended Fjälldata in the very north of Sweden. Icon, iopop and Twoflower partied in the snow, and Twoflower came in on second place in the graphics compo with his Kim. A remote music entry, 15 years of friendship, from Dalezy, who had teamed up with Qdor for the occasion, was also released and ended up on third place in the music compo.

Also in March, a small one-file demo, What’s going on?, competed in the He-Man Jr. competition at CSDB. Coded by Icon with graphics from Ilesj and music by Fegolhuzz/Panda Design it was one of the best contributions attending the compo. Before the month was over, petscii artist and trader Skyhawk left Laxity and joined up with us, and a small v2 preview called Bewitched  was also released.

att18Then in April, Attitude #18 was released, this time in coop with our friends in Genesis Project. With an intro coded by Powerslave and yet some mag-engine improvements by DJ.Gruby, issue #18 is filled to the brim with essential reads from a whole range of editors, including Taper, DJ.Gruby and MtnBuffalo, Hedning, Dr.Strange and Pad. The issue also contain a bunch of great soundtracks by Dalezy, Con, ne7, Fegolhuzz, 6R6, Jammer, MCH, TDM and Zardax.

refrefIn the end of April, a three-screen petscii entitled Reflections was released, with art by Skyhawk, code by Powerslave and music by Dalezy.

6May was a slow month without any releases from us, but in June we released the 101% and +6 trained version of the cool claustrophobic Alien-esque game Organism from Psytronik, thus claiming the firstrelease. With a trainer working against the alien-queen, and a bug in the original also affecting the queen fixed, this is the version of the game you want to play! The original was supplied by Romppainen and Sailor conquered the xenomorphed code.

Over and out, see you in the second half of 2018!

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