Liberating art at Rakvattnet II

Last weekend we had a great TRIAD meeting called “Rakvattnet II” in Umeå/Sweden. Originally sparked by Tao, this turned out to be the most packed TRIAD gathering in many years, featuring Ruk, Houbba, Twoflower and Icon as Laplanders. Representing Suomi Finland and Varmvattnet was Tao. And finally Sweden’s southest: iopop and bepp.

At the party we started working on a graphics collection to display hires images that were made with the same limitations as C64 but was not originally made for- or had never been shown on a real C64. In the end it turned out to be a nice little production that we chose to call Liberation – to set the graphics free!

Summing up, it was two awesome days in Umeå (from now on TRIAD city), meeting the other TRIADers (some for the first time). A great mix of competences and personalities! Already looking forward to the next meeting!

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