Kosmonauts, we give you “Space Shuttle”!

Today we bring you Microdeal Space Shuttle, supplied by bepp and hacked from tape by Archimedes, with some additional work by Sailor, Tao and Taper.

In space nobody can hear you scream, which is a shame because unless you study the included manual carefully, you will do a lot of screaming playing this game. Please note that swearing will be equally silent.

While this game is one of those simulations that perhaps just tries a little bit too hard to apply to the serious space-shuttle enthusiast, if you read up on the extensive documentation and actually start completing the various phases, the reward will be great as you enter a stage of peace of mind [atleast you will stop screaming]. Just imagine my own joy after I managed to complete the task of retrieving a satelite after just a few hours of training! Houston, here I come!

We offer you the instructions in the crack, aswell as ascii and the manual-scans. You’ll need them! So, in the name of Yuri Gagarin and Buzz Aldrin, we give you the closest thing you’ll ever get to operating a space shuttle!

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