So, what have TRIAD been up to after the successful summer? Quite a lot of course, so let us recap a bit… But before the recap, let us showcase our very latest release, put out on the first day of 2019…


Yup, it is time for issue #19 of Attitude, packed to the brim with hot news, cool articles, great graphics and wonderful tunes. Published together with Genesis Project, and with the help of several friends on the scene.

Now, lets reverse the tape a bit, and see what we did a few months back…

In October, Dalezy won the music compo at Deadline 2018 with a smashing tune Szalonna Csillag. During the same month, two firsties were put out in the wild; Laura64 Preview V2 handled by Sailor and translated by DJ Gruby, and Cow & Chicken Preview slammed by Lynx.


Moving on to November, the small demo Mega Ukulele was released, based on a compo picture at X2018 from Nith, with additional graphics by Skyhawk, code by Powerslave and music by TDM.


While at X2018, we won the 4K compo there with a totally amazing contribution, Screw It! Done by Icon, ilesj and TDM and taking the event by storm!


More cracks made it out during December; Space Moguls done in coop with our friends in Genesis Projects, and then the definite version of Aviator Arcade II, also with G*P.

On Christmas Eve, the traditional gift from TRIAD came in the form of O-Pat-Ko-No complete with docs. On the next day, we followed up with a jewel version of Death in the Caribbean, 101% and docs, solution and map provided.


On the last day of 2018, Ninja Invasion Simulator Preview  was also let out.


Also during December, we entered no less than three intros in the Intro Creation Competition 2018; Revolution by Nith+TDM, Raster Compleeto by Twoflower+Powerslave+TDM and Rasterblues by Twoflower+Icon+Flex.

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