Fabruary hits your screen!

February turned into fabruary for us, with two releases and one new member added to our ranks!

slimegifFirst we put out Slime, a small but neat cover of an old Commodore PET game. Repacked, built-in trainer for one player removed and trainer for both players added by Lynx, supplied by Romppainen.

Monochrome green has never been so beautiful – this game is well worth a play and especially addictive in 2-player mode.


Then we teamed up with our compatriots in G*P and released what very well could be the best game of 2016 – Hessian from Covert Bitops. Supplied in advance by Hedning and successfully linked as well as +5 trained by Sailor – who despite severe space-restrictions managed to keep it on one diskside!


We also gained a new member, MtnBuffalo, who will function as an editor for Attutide, a well-needed reinforcement of our magazine staff! Welcome aboard the mummyship!

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