Christmas Report

2Yesterday, on Christmas Eve, we delivered two presents for all of you who love our favourite 8-bit machine!

First up was TRIAD/LOST&FOUND – featuring two long lost pictures and a new scroller written by by The Sarge! The pictures were located and properly framed by Sailor, with some intro scrolltext by Taper. Feels really great to be able to release such an important historical piece with art most thought was gone forever!

1Second present is a proper version of Confused? from Compulogical S.A. While Newlook cracked this one already back in the 80’s, they accidently left out half the game! Electronic Arts then published a different version named Kinetic Connection which was cracked, but the differences between the two versions left us no peace of mind – so we decided to give you a fully working version of Confused? after all these years! All background info on this game available in the scroller.

Supplied by Romppainen and Lynx (the first original tape we obtained got lost in snail-mail, so we had to obtain a second one), cracked by Lynx and Sailor. Bepp did some qualified testing on this game and is now officially the master of Confused? puzzles, while Taper took the digital reindeer and sleigh to drop it of at every major 8-bit household we could find.

With those presents delivered yesterday, we will use Christmas Day for a bit of well-deserved rest! Merry Christmas everyone!

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