Christmas Eve Bonanza

We’ve been hard at work during christmas and put out a streak of releases for your enjoyment!



First out was the very promising preview of Chiller 2, distributed to subscribers via Freeze64 magazine. Complete with a new crackinto by Maxlide. Since it was released on christmas eve we even made a departure from tradition regarding the design on the intro, utilizing a PETSCII that Shine created for us a while back.

The game itself is of course an inofficial sequel to the old Mastertronic hit Chiller, which many of us played from budget tape back when we were kids.

Another game from Freeze64, naturally named Freeze64, was also released. The christmas theme is strong in this one, with you taking control of Santa and his reindeer and attempt to deliver gifts despite harsh conditions



braindeath-animYet another title from Santas sack of goodies made it out on christmas eve, as we give you Brain Death – a GTW puzzler that was almost lost forever!

Supplied by Nith, while linked, bugfixed and trained by Sailor. NTSC fix conducted by Maxlide while Taper, El Topo and TDM did a whole lot of puzzle playing to ensure stability. Also worth to mention is that this title is fixed to work on C128, where the original totally bombed.

Hopefully you also noticed the new christmas intro, Christmas Reforged, from
us that we used for this crack! Based on the
old classic TRIAD christmas crackintro, but


updated for future generations by Icon and Twoflower, with a new christmas medly tune from TDM!

The game itself is a tricky puzzler with no less than 120 levels to solve, so that will hopefully keep you well occupied while enjoying your christmas holiday.

And, not to forget, we also managed to update this site again, after more than a year of slacking!

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