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Upshift! released at BCC#9!

DJ.Gruby attended the BCC#9 party in Berlin this weekend, and brought with him a contribution from TRIAD entitled Upshift! (aka. Out Run Memories Upshift!). It ended up on third place in the demo competition and contains an updated version of … Continue reading

Christmas Report

Yesterday, on Christmas Eve, we delivered two presents for all of you who love our favourite 8-bit machine! First up was TRIAD/LOST&FOUND – featuring two long lost pictures and a new scroller written by by The Sarge! The pictures were located … Continue reading

Inside The Cube

We just released Inside The Cube, our contribution for the Intro Creation Competition 2o14! Design, code and graphics by Nith, excellent memory efficient tune by Ne7, stylish font by Twoflower and some wise words by Taper to go along with the package. If … Continue reading

Release update!

We’ve been a bit busy the last couple of weeks, so updates on here have been suffering a bit. So, time to recap! Two weeks back (yes, time does fly…) we released both a onefiled version of Donkey Kong JR, … Continue reading

Helicopter attack/Hubschrauber angriff preview

Time to go for a spin in your precious little helicopter and blast some annoying enemies! Today we give you Helicopter Attack (Hubschrauber Angriff) preview. Supplied by Dalezy, trained by Lynx, translated by Taper and NTSC fix done as a combined effort. So, … Continue reading

Attitude #15 released

Today TRIAD bring you the 15:th issue of Attitude magazine! We know it’s been far too long between issues (again), but it feels great to have another issue out in the wild! A big thanks to all our friends in the scene … Continue reading

Cutting the cheese once again

We were a bit lazy with updates during the summer, so we never got around to inform you about the new version of Cheesecutter (2.6.1 this time around) that Abaddon completed. Ruk/Booze Design ported it to Mac OS X so you … Continue reading

d64EIC saves the day!

Today we give you the PC tool d64EIC, aka “d64 Errorinfo Combiner” from Sailor! Use this tool to combine several bad backups of one disk into a .d64 image with less (or in best case none) errors.     This … Continue reading

We bring light into Darkness!

Earlier today we released the new game Darkness from RGCD/Psytronik! Supplied by Twoflower, worked and trained by Sailor, map by Romppainen and additional help from Lynx and Taper. An extra share to Motion for fast spreading when time was of the essence! … Continue reading

TRIAD give you 2048 – the number you’ve been looking for!

In 2048, the dyscalculia in the world rises four hundred percent. The once great university of Umea becomes the one maximum security prison for the mathematically impaired. A fifty-foot containment wall is erected along the shoreline of the Nydala lake, … Continue reading