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Reach Antidote BBS on new adress

Micro$oft+Evil US courtsystem has taken control of 22 different no-ip domains, supposedly because some hosts on these domains are spreading malware. While we are all against malware, using that logic you could very well shut down hotmail and every PC running … Continue reading

TRIAD rockstars at the HQ

With Tao coming over to Sweden to celebrate Epiphany we thought it would be nice to have a mini TRIAD rendez-vous at the HQ (Taper’s place). In the freezing January cold we managed to shoot this really cool photo =) … Continue reading

A night at the arcades

Many of us dream of one day being able to have a data dungeon – a retro resort – where bits are few, beer flows and all base are belong to us. Oxidy is one guy who is living his dream. … Continue reading


LCP 2011 turned out a great party and quite a few TRIAD members showed up, including iopop, Itch, Taper, Cash, Twoflower, Avalon, Bepp, Spot (merged in) and old-timer Zcram (sadly did not end up being photographed). We released our demos “BitsnPieces” … Continue reading

Saturday at LCP

Relocating Jerry’s collection

In April, Taper and Bepp rented a mini-van and headed from the south of Sweden towards Åkers Styckebruk and Jerry‘s house, the old TRIAD HQ. Reaching the destination, groupmates Sailor, CMP and Sgt. Pepper (Jerry’s son) met up. The mission was to relocate … Continue reading