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Silly Venture 2k23WE

TRiAD was present at the Silly Venture 2023 Winter Edition demo party, joining a special celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Atari Jaguar console together with our friends from the Atari scene. Silly Venture is a bi-yearly event, this … Continue reading

Pågadata 2023

The weekend of June 30 / July 1 saw the first installment of the young successor to the south Swedish Gubbdata party – Pågadata, and Triad was present with a whole bunch of other groups. We presented several new releases … Continue reading

30 Year Anniversary at Gubbdata 2016!

A week back, we celebrated TRIAD’s 30:th anniversary (a bit in advance, the exact date is the 28:th of July) at Gubbdata 2016, together with G*P who are also turning 30 this year. King Fisher, Sailor, iopop, bepp, ilesj, Cash, … Continue reading

The seniors in TRIAD at Gubbdata 2015

This weekend TRIAD visited Gubbdata with a delegation of elders consisting of Bepp, Icon, Ca$h, Taper, Itch and iopop (who celebrated his 38:th birthday at the party). As usual it was nice meeting up with the prime of the scene, lots … Continue reading

Post ZOO 2013 update!

ZOO 2013 turned into a great party and TRIAD was represented by Vent (also one of the organizers of the event), Tao and Abaddon! The partyplace was equipped with both a bar and a sauna (of course – we’re talking … Continue reading

Liberating art at Rakvattnet II

Last weekend we had a great TRIAD meeting called “Rakvattnet II” in Umeå/Sweden. Originally sparked by Tao, this turned out to be the most packed TRIAD gathering in many years, featuring Ruk, Houbba, Twoflower and Icon as Laplanders. Representing Suomi Finland and … Continue reading


…or rather Taper/TRIAD at GREP 2011. Sadly, CMP caught the flu and Cash had to babysit the Giana Sisters, so Taper became the sole representative this time. GREP turned out to be a nice little party with about 30 visitors, … Continue reading