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REVOLVED featured in german magazine!

The german retro magazine Return featured our winning demo REVOLVED from Datastorm 2013 in their latest issue! Thanks to Hedning/G*P for providing the picture!

Malmix and Pezac joins TRIAD!

After competing with their last Fatzone demo Deuce at Datastorm, Malmix and Pezac joined up with us in TRIAD! We’ve had our eyes on this talanted Swedish duo for quite some time, and now the timing was right for them to … Continue reading

Summary: 2012

Twentytwelve has been one great year for us! Following Datastorm in February, we were reinforced by returning sceners Ruk, Houbba and Icon. In addition, long-timer Twoflower moved back home to Sweden with his family. The result of this new formation was imminent – in April … Continue reading

Ne7 jams the train at Sundown!

Last weekend the annual Sundown party was held in Devon, gathering the cream of the UK sceners for a few days of hardcore computing. As usual Ne7 was one of the organizers of this event, but he also won the … Continue reading

Quorthon visiting the TRIAD HQ in Bjuv

Last thursday Quorthon made a quick visit to Bjuv together with his family to meet up with Taper for the first time in something like 10 years. Quorthon used to function as one of the main-crackers in TRIAD, especially active … Continue reading

BIOS for Bismarck and Rave added!

Today we added biographies for old members Bismarck and Rave! We are on an never-ending mission to add bios to all past members, so always stay on the lookout for updates!

TRIAD at Gubbdata

King Fisher, iopop, Taper, Itch and Bepp from TRIAD showed up at the latest edition of Gubbdata, having a good time with the rest of the south-Swedish sceners. Other groups represented here were G*P, Onslaught, Wrath Designs, FairLight and HT. We secured the first place in … Continue reading

Icon and Abaddon join the ranks of TRIAD!

We celebrate yet another joyful occasion as Icon and Abaddon have decided to join up with the rest of us in TRIAD! Welcome onboard lads, we’re really glad to have you in our ranks! Their biographies are allready added to … Continue reading

Past members updates

Today we’ve added/updated a bunch of profiles for our past members. This batch includes: Mr. Pinge, Johan, Crusader and Sparrow, Skyie and Cozmo. See the All-time memberlist for the complete list of heroes!

TRIAD northern: first gathering

This weekend our forces in the freezing north of Sweden – Houbba, Twoflower (welcome back to Sweden!) and Ruk – had a little retro evening at Houbba’s place. Despite the fact that Houbba’s equip had been stashed away since the … Continue reading