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TRIAD at Datastorm 2014

Little more than a week ago Datastorm 2014 was held in Gothenburg. This time, TRIAD was represented by iopop, Ruk, Ca$h, Taper, bepp, Itch, Malmix and ne7. Our demo CONTINUUM scored second place in the C64 demo competition, in fierce competition with some of the … Continue reading

Soon time for all party animals to attend Zoo!

ZOO 2013 is approaching fast and the party is now only a few days ahead! For last minute visitors and interested sceners, be sure to check out the official ZOO partypage! Remote entries are accepted, so for those eager to … Continue reading

Helsing vs Dracula

Helsing’s Hunt was repacked and trained by Lynx to give Van Helsing a fighting chance against the hordes of undead. A cursed bug was removed by Taper.

Ahoy, Cap’n Crunch!

Pack dat kickass code of yours! Crunching just got a lot more convenient with the release of KickAss Cruncher Plugins, a plugin for Kick Assembler. Inline-crunches your demo-code and data by either ByteBoozer or Exomizer. Examples included.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

You never thought it would happen so soon, did you? Just about a year since the last issue, TRIAD bring you ATTITUDE #14. It comes with a spanking new engine and has been stuffed with articles and goodies for your … Continue reading

Soon time to release the cheese!

In four days, on the 15:th of August, the deadline for Release the Cheese will kick in! We hope there will be at least a few more contributions until then. It’s not too late for YOU to participate! Download Cheesecutter, … Continue reading


It’s just 12 days until BFP 2013 opens the doors, but we still have some free seats, so make sure to head over to the BFP site and reserve your weekend of digital joy! Most of you know the deal since before; … Continue reading

Zoo 2013 party site up!

The official ZOO 2013 party website is now up at The party will be held at 8 – 10 November 2013 in Viiala, Finland.

Interviews galore!

We’ve added a bunch of interviews of past and present TRIAD members to the archive. Among others are Daw and Jeff Smart who were interviewed by Great read!

Vent joined the mummyship!

Two days ago TRIAD gained a new member when Vent joined up with the mummyship, to function mainly as a graphician. He used to be a member of the Finnish group Damage, and after a ten-year break he is now back on … Continue reading