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Way overdue update

We’ve been sloppy with updates for quite a while. Of course, you who frequently keep up to date with the happenings on the scene know that we have been working as usual. It would be a futile effort to try … Continue reading

Welcome 2020!

We ended the past year by releasing yet a bunch of new games on the very last day. Jetdroid and Magnetoball are two more games from OneButtonSmashers employing a simplified control scheme. The first was handled by Lynx while the … Continue reading


So, what have TRIAD been up to after the successful summer? Quite a lot of course, so let us recap a bit… But before the recap, let us showcase our very latest release, put out on the first day of … Continue reading

Hot Summer – hot releases!

It has been one hot summer this year, which also applies to the activity of TRIAD! Since the last update here, we’ve been tinkering with quite some interesting stuff. A whole bunch of us were present at Gubbdata 2018 in … Continue reading

Back to the future part II

  Time to continue the recap of happenings during 2017! Did we mention that we won the democompo at Datastorm with Neon in the previous post? I think we did – but Neon is such a kickass production that it … Continue reading

Back to the Future – Part one

It’s been more than a year since we last published an update here, so it’s about time we get our act together! However, it’s not that we haven’t been active elsewhere – no less than 35 releases has made it out since … Continue reading

Fabruary hits your screen!

February turned into fabruary for us, with two releases and one new member added to our ranks! First we put out Slime, a small but neat cover of an old Commodore PET game. Repacked, built-in trainer for one player removed … Continue reading

New releases and member-update!

The finnish TRIAD members were flipping floppies at the Zoo 2015 party in the end of October. ilesj ended up winning the graphics competition with his beautiful contribution named Orbital Impaler, made for old PAL VIC-II chip (6569 R1), making … Continue reading

We’ve been keeping busy…

Again, we’ve been keeping real busy and released four full games during June! Considering how shitty the weather has been at least in Sweden, it’s no wonder we choose to get our sunburns in front the blue screen instead. And … Continue reading

Time for an update…

We’ve been a bit lazy updating the news here the last couple of weeks, so it’s about time we provide an update with the latest happenings. Again together with Genesis*Project we released the second version of Bruce Lee II. The … Continue reading