Big Floppy People 2007

Hey all!

We’re back from Big Floppy People 2007 and have some stuff for those of you who haven’t leeched it from the net yet (yeah, it took me a while to send this out, it was a truly brilliant party but I needed to recharge my batteries when I got home).

First up is On the road again, a little coop done with TRSI and Vision! Linus music in this one is simply awesome, so is the work by the others involved. Then we have TRIAD/Orange, a party production by iopop, Twoflower, DCMP and Dalezy. Also check out the graphic contributions, “Even my old…” by Twoflower and “Catterpillr” by DCMP. Everything is included on the diskimage.

For those interested, also check out the previously unreleased TRIAD demo made by Swallow and Contring back in 1988 that surfaced at BFP. It can be found on

Thanks to everyone who attended Big Floppy People 2007 and made it a really kick-ass party!!


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