Better late than never-update


Lack of time has again prevented us from updating this site for a while, so here is a quick bulletin containing the latest happenings.

On Christmas Eve two presents made it out; the promising game Squirm 2 preview, which was supplied by Moloch and wrapped together by Lynx – and a new issue of our diskmag Attitude! To be more precise 143966issue number 16, which contains some good reading, excellent tunes and a smashing intro from our friends in G*P! Big thanks to everyone inside and outside TRIAD who contributed to this issue!

More recently we also released an update to Spectacular Copy – Turbo to Disk, entitled version 1.2. The work was done by Sailor and this is definitely THE tool to use for 144377transfering your Turbo 250 tapes!

Reminds me I still have a rather large box with Turbo 250 tapes that needs to be taken care of! Be sure you handle yours too, before the bit-rot takes a chunk out of the data – who knows if there is something rare on one of those tapes…

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