Back to the Future – Part one

It’s been more than a year since we last published an update here, so it’s about time we get our act together! However, it’s not that we haven’t been active elsewhere – no less than 35 releases has made it out since then. Make sure to check them all out here.

To keep this update from being several pages long, lets focus on the essential happenings and do a bit of a fast-forward to get in sync again.




During the latter half of 2016, TRIAD released a whole bunch of cracks – most notably Die! Alien Slime+8D, Hit & Run Baseball+D (handled together with our friends in Genesis*Project), and the annual christmas release which turned out to be Pong+D (equipped with a brand new crackintro by Tao). A bunch of smaller cracks were released as well.



Sami Hedberg



Vent competed with two pictures at Psykoz 2016, with Sami Hedberg ending up at 4:th place and Pandora’s Slate at 7:th.

One more release from 2016 that must be mentioned is Sounds of the Amiga volume #4, packed with great tunes by Ne7 and Dalezy. If you haven’t already, grab this one and listen away!



Sounds of the Amiga #4



We started out 2017 with the preview of a Philips G7000 conversion, Munchkin64, while Vent scored fifth place at KozMOS 2017 with a fine Petscii screen entitled Teleport to Tuhero.

In mid-February TRIAD was set to conquer Datastorm 2017 in Gothenburg, and conquer we did! No less than 11 TRIAD members graced the party with their presence; bepp, Cash, Houbba, Icon, Ilesj, iopop, Lucifer, Mtn.buffalo, Tao, Taper and Twoflower.




Several releases were put out from Datastorm, including the two smaller demos Ohnesorg and Zoo 2017 Invite (together with Artline Designs and Extend), and a neat poster for our big finale for the demo compo, Neon.

Indeed Neon took home the grand prize in fierce competition with SHAPE and Atlantis who also sported great contributions for the event.



In addition, Ilesj won the graphics compo ith his Rear View while Twoflower secured the second place with Incarnations.

We ended February by releasing three cracks – the two GTW’s Equinox and Soda Shop, both supplied by our friends Peepo and SLC, and Slipstream in coop with G*P.

To be continued in part two…

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