Back to the future part II



Time to continue the recap of happenings during 2017! Did we mention that we won the democompo at Datastorm with Neon in the previous post? I think we did – but Neon is such a kickass production that it sure deserves to be mentioned twice…





ilesj, Icon, Tao, Nith, Houbba, Abaddon, Vent and Twoflower along with Flex/Artline Design really went all the way with this demo! Close to 35000 views on YouTube says it all – but you should of course watch Neon on the real deal!





In the beginning of the summer we put out a few cracks, Galencia preview, the very rare Pengon and a neat tetris clone, Itchtris preview.



dreadA few of us attended Gubbdata in July, including bepp, Cash, King Fisher and Taper. At the party we also released the music collection Dreadnought together with The Increasing Popularity Crew, containing long lost music from Jason Brooke, code by iopop and scrolltext content by a whole line of well-known sceners.


Also in July, Vent won the graphics competition at Vammala party 23 with his Aqualung, My Friend. Then came the crack of the excellent Galencia, handled by Lynx and Tao. However, an even better game was up next – we dare to crown it the best game of 2017 eventhough 2017 is not yet over!



The game in question is of course Planet Golf from Antonio Savona/Psytronik! – trained and loader exchanged by Sailor, with some minor assistance by Taper and Quorthon. Tao crafted a brand new crackintro for the occasion, entitled TRIAD Front Intro.




In October, Dalezy took home the gold medal in the music compo at Deadline 2017 with Your intrusion is my illusion. A few days later Lynx took care of training and releasing Cross Chase.

Also in October, Vent entered the petscii screen Once I had a Friend for the plain petscii competition, which is not yet concluded.

Of course, more stuff is cooking behind the scenes, but the end of the year is approaching and we need to schedule some rest as well. That said, we will try to update here more often in the future! Actually, in a few days you will find an update covering two non-c64 releases that we made… curious? Well check back soon and find out…

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