Triad strikes back!! This is our third demo
‘Metalpart of Triad’ The members in Triad are: RND, Lucifer, Ixion, Skydive, Mr.Z, Fred and at last Arrow (that’s me!!) Please great Triad, not the earlier groups: 3001 and C.O.D.

Note to Triadmembers: Let Ixion check all scrolltexts in the future!! Triad
is now forming the biggest and fastest cracking and hacking group in Sweden!!
Message to Fred: nice picture you have painted in demo 2. Message to Lucifer:
thanks for coding this program!! Message to Mr.Z: call me, I want to talk with

Now I want to send fuckings to all traitors, diskthieves and liers!! Message
to Non Stop Cracker: still europe’s fastest gamegetter?? Message to the Spirit:
where is the laser genious manual?? Message to Pira Ted: have you sent us any
new USA-stuff.. PS. I have taken over Fred’s work now!! He has stopped with the
64. All he’s doin’ is paintin’ pictures for Triad!! He’s still a member you
know!! Hi the ‘Dissolver 3001’!!

Now I think it’s greetingtime!!

First I want to send some greetings to: Active Cracking Crew and Dynamic Duo,
NEPA, Migges and FCG (how can you afford ‘express’??)

Here’s the rest of our greetings: Doughnut Cracking Service, Bam, PCB, Danish
Gold (Fred says that he hasn’t got any of your disks), Sid Vicious KFK, West
Coast Crackers, TMB, Lucifer in Norway, the Key of Kalmar, Mio Soft (call me,
I’ve lost your phonenumber!!), Flitgun, Softbusters, the Experts, Yeti, the
Dreadful Crackers, Rambo, Purebyte, Ul-Copy, Berge in Norway, Fantasy Crackers,
Fucky Luke, Darkskin, Scratching Cats (send newer stuff next time!!),
Thunderbolt Cracking Crew, Mega Hackers, Eric (are you the only 64 owner in
France??), MLX, ECM, Pet Shop Playboy, Remo, Software Surgery Inc., 1001 Crew,
3D, SCS Paderborn?, Genetic Inc., Bad Gadget, Daryl (u.s.a. department no.2),
Scotish C.C., TCN/SCF Ultd. (where are our diskettes??), the Explorers, I.S.E.C.
(Thomas), the Force, Hawk Inc., Group A, Twilight, MZP, Indi, WCS, Swedish C.C.,
MCS, CCS, WASP (any success in cracking Soldier One??), TLG, Ficus Folium,
Sherwood Group, AGG, and at last the…. Solution!! (sorry, we have forgotten to
greet you in other demos, but Fred had forgotten to tell us that he knows you!!)
Greetings to the Solution!!

I also want to send a message to Camilla: I love you!!…. And Lucifer lloves
Anna S. More than his cracking machine.

Heavy for heroes, zynth for zeroes!!!

Am I the only person in Triad who likes heavy metal music?? (you isn’t,
Lucifer llikes all kind of black metal, death metal, deep purple, led zeppelin
and Ixion has so long hair that he can use it as strings on his heavy metal
guitar!!) now back to Arrow’s message: Arrow likes Billy Idol!!

Here is a joke (just for swedish guys!!) Tope’ or not Tope’, that’s the
question!! Funny??

Here is a joke I have got from Bam’s vacationcard (nice frontside (wet
teets!!))!! What’s the difference between an Isepic Cracker and a trampolin?? If
you want to jump on a trampoline you have to take your shoes off. Hahahahaha??!!
(are now listening to ZZ Top’s “got you under pressure”!!), my favorite tune is
Judas Priest’s : Love Bites!! My favorite tune on the 64 is: New Years Day!!

I am waiting for Paperboy!! I love that game (not more than Camilla!!). Still
reading this shit!! Then I think you are worth a reward!!

If you are intrested in swapping programs with us just write to : Triad , pl
1661 , 440 06 , Gråbo , Sweden!!…. Is there anybody who have a printer for
sale?? I’m interested in buying one, (MPS 801/802). That was all, folks!! Good
hack, crack, pick, snatch, break, rare, steal, bye from Triad (Gothenburg). This
demo was coded by Lucifer (the cracking section). Picture by Arrow. Scrolltext
by Arrow and put into a computer by Lucifer (checked by (f)Ixion). Music by Rob
Hubbard (from wars!!). (c) by Triad 1986.

Message to the members of Triad: you will soon get a photo of me (don’t
laugh!! (but i don’t think you will do that)). See you soon!! Stay cool on the
64 , don’t rush to the Amiga system!! (Lucifer are doing that). Here we go
again!! Soon coming from Lucifer: a digitalized picture of his great llove ‘Anna
S.’. Good night and thanks for reading this.

(Hidden in memory after the text:)

Keep your hands of this program or die with your boots on…
I llove you Anna……

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