Janitor Talks – excerpt from the demo “Triad Fo(u)r Years”


I asked JANITOR to write
something – anything
for this TRIAD birthday
code collection.

I admit that I had in mind a kind of

But you know, JANITOR is realy not that
that kind of a guy. I mean, have
ever seen him do the simple thing?


Simple thinking is of no value in
mega cracking and JANITOR was
one of the best ever in this field.

No good luck and congrats from the
JANITOR, no sir, but you will get
piece of his opinions on life, the
world and and……..
Fuck it! Read for
your self!
Space your way through the pages and
into further adventures.


Wellcome to the JANITOR nostalgia trip!

As you ought to know now it’s four years since the birth of TRIAD. That is
why I have been asked to write something snappy about TRIAD nostalgia. I try not
to be predictable so this text is likely to be weird in extreme.

I know very little about what happened the first year since i never climbed
the lamer-ladder the hard way. I spent my time working through every corner of
my little 64. Early ’87 i joined the WCC which by then was rather unstable. Soon
WCC split into RELAX and FAIRLIGHT. After another while RELAX and TRIAD were
merged following the retirement of MR.Z.

I kept doing what i liked – exploring the C64 and the world around it – which
was best done by cracking games!


Again I didn’t much care about the currently fashionable groups or having the
latest turbo gear. This also meant that I grew bored with cracking the silly
tapes with routine methods. I had no reason to keep doing it. People in general
were not that interested anyway. They took the easy way out and tried to impress
their neighbour with a new release instead of something that could be played for
more than three seconds without a major crash.

After quitting I often missed some of the enjoyable moments. Not so much all
those parties – they realy don’t have much to do with computers anyway – but the
grand idea of all those millions of guyz spending their youth in SYSTEM 4, the
old JEFFIE society of elite groups. These are the very same persons that are the
technicians of the next generation, the true holders of power and progress.


When civilzation was formed 8-10000 years ago it was because the farmers
settling in river valleys produced the surplus food needed to establish a local
community. That never realy changed. Today we have all of humanity ticking on,
expanding, leaving us to further sharpening that cutting edge of hitech. WE will
control that edge!

Now take a look at the world. We see a total death of communism all thanks to
communication (sorry STRIDER, the CIA didn’t do it) while we see the USA grow in
debts and dwindle in health. We see Japan and Germany succeeding not thanks to
meddling in the affairs of other countries, but thanks to strong economies. Kohl
just bought himself a united Germany. We see Europe emerge as the winner after
recovering from two world wars.



YOU, the little spotty guy staring at the TV, YOU will influence the future
of this world. Please try to be a part of the whole instead of isolating
yourself caring only for yourself. If you don’t care about fighting for the
good, be neutral! Find your own philosophy, but please realize that a true
socialist is probably a guy who is wrong, but well- meaning, while most true
conservatives are egoist bastards.

It’s plain to see that even though the idea of socialism and marxism may be
pretty, they fail utterly and the only way for a people to be wealthy is for the
country itself to be, thus leaving capitalism as the only currently working

Finally, any racist deserves a knife in his balls. My special tribute to the
One Perfect Girl : Epiphany Proudfoot!


Well, if you’re still reading you have potential. Never mind if you agree
with me or not…. Giving a damn in the first place might well be the most
important thing. Time to wrap this up. As usual I wrote a lot of shit, but never
mind. The only way to say those things is in a dialogue anyway. Be happy guys.


-Son, always do the right thing!-
-That’s it?-
-That’s it.-
got it. I’m gone.-

Mookie & Mayor in:

JERRY’s note.

JANITOR didn’t define WEALTH. I think he puts high a value not only on
HIGHTECH but also on peace of mind and a nature in balance.


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