Ixion returns

This article was written in July 2011 by Ixion for Attitude#12

Friends and Foes, Ixion returns from his hell for a short speech…

So TRIAD now celebrates it’s 25 year birthday, which is a ridiculously long time on the scene. Some people wonders if there were computers for ordinary peoples in residential homes at the time. Others can’t understand how such an impressive amount of programs could be harvested by a pirate during the early years? There weren’t even internet or filesharing! Well, the post office worked as a slow internet (not unlike correspondence chess with one move in each letter), spreading those single or double density floppy disks with content. To speed things up you could even set up a modem Bulletin Board System (almost like an ftp server) where people could dial in with their modems to download content directly. The speed was of couse painstakingly slow.

Commodore, risen from the grave, celebrates TRIAD this year by giving us a modern version of the C64 supporting full High Definition, with USB ports and possibly with a blueray player. But the most important thing is of course that it will be backwards compatible with the original. It amazes me: Emulators are still being created on new platforms. It’s like the C64 never dies. For example, I downloaded “C64” for iPhone and tried it out. It seems to be a locked emulator. Only a few games were included, the idea is to sell those old games (or portations) once more. It’s not expensive, but it upsets me to pay for those old games .

’nuff talkin. Let’s round up with some personal greetings: First to active members of TRIAD and former amigos which together create the legend, 1001 Crew for the ideal, FairLight for the competition, Northern Lights for the right fightingspirit, The Light Circle with Marcel of FAC for all fun, A-team in great Britain for being such a good host for a couple of weeks when I stayed there, Danish Gold also for good hospitality and feelgood copyparty, and finally everybody else that has made a name on the scene or liked us. Also special condolence’s to the Norewegian people in these days of sorrow after the bloody massacre outside Oslo.

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