Another bulk-update!

slimedeluTime to do a little recap of the latest happenings! In mid March we released Slime Deluxe which was supplied by Moloch, trained by Lynx and level-counter bug after level 19 in the original fixed by Tao!

This is an updated and more graphically pleasing version of Slime which we released earlier, but with the same great playability as the first outing.

Next out in early April was Ring on a String, a small but very addictive game, supplied and linked by iopop. Some might disagree, but we strongly stand by our decision not to add a trainer to this game – for us it would make no sense.

You should really give this one a go, it has that Tetris-esque “just one more go” feeling that few games can boast about.


A week later and we released SCT2D V2.0 (Spectacular Copy Turbo to Disk 2.0), totally rewritten from scratch by Sailor! This is THE tool when you need to transfer files from your Turbo 250 tapes. Now also includes Jiffy DOS support and a whole lot more.

If you haven’t already – make sure to backup them old tapes! They wont live forever you know!
In the end of April, we also released the invitation for Gubbdata 2016, together with our friends in Genesis*Project. Coded by Tao with graphics from ilesj, music by MCH/G*P and text by Taper and hedning/G*P.

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