Annual update

Yes, we should be ashamed of ourselves – it has been more or less a year since we last updated this site! But, better late than never, so here it goes…

During 2019 we landed several new recruits to our ranks; Maxlide, Raphis, wbochar and El Topo all came onboard the mummyship and reinforced us greatly.

Release-wise, 2019 has been another good year for us with more than 50 productions of different flavours released! They are too many to mention them all, but here are a few goodie-tips from 2019 you shouldn’t miss:

Artsie people will love this “hemnet”-killer, Stolen Properties – concieved by iopop, Twoflower, TDM and bepp!

Again for the artsy people we recommend DUBCRT +3D – a commercial music album and game in one! No need to spend money on LSD when you have this! Cracked by Maxlide, supplied by Cash and docs by bepp!

Another crack by Maxlide, Run Demon Run +1D is an excellent game, coupled with a smashing crackintro by Powerslave, Twoflower and TDM!

For the PETSCII connoisseur we point to Fat Albert, a smaller demo made by Powerslave, Skyhawk and TDM!

This list of tips would not be complete without one of the great games Antonio Savona made during the year. Chopper Command +3D blows the original Atari 2600 game out of the sky and we trained it and provided docs for your entertainment. Handled by Maxlide, TDM and Cash!

Interested in history? Then you should check out the three educational MR T games, like MR T’s Money Box complete with full extensive documentation. Handled by Sailor, Taper and Cash!

There has been no lack of games this year, so Trogue64 +5H is another one you can’t miss! Coded by the new TRIAD member wbochar (but before he became a member), while TDM supplied and Sailor did the cracking!

If you like healthy food, we must recommend Vegetables Deluxe V1.0 +1D, cracked and trained by Lynx in a flash!

Powerslave and TDM provided us with a smashing 4K intro for the CSDB intro compo, entitled No More Grey Dots! A must see of course!

A bigger intro from Nith was also offered recently, entitled Mesmerizer, also containing music by TDM and a font by Twoflower.

More legal productions with Arne Alligator, a PETSCII feast for your kids perhaps? Featuring Arne by Skyhawk, the smashing theme song covered by TDM and code by Powerslave!

Then we are back to games… an unknown Infocom title was made to run on the breadbin, so if you are into text adventures, you must try out Hypochondriac! Complete with walkthrough this one was taken care of by Twoflower and Maxlide, with invaluable help from Fredrikr!

Of course, there has been more! Check out Releases for everything we have done during 2019!

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