30 Year Anniversary at Gubbdata 2016!

A week back, we celebrated TRIAD’s 30:th anniversary (a bit in advance, the exact date is the 28:th of July) at Gubbdata 2016, together with G*P who are also turning 30 this year. King Fisher, Sailor, iopop, bepp, ilesj, Cash, Tao and Taper were present at the party, representing TRIAD.



We brought out a whole bunch of releases as well, of course! First out, spread on the boards on the first day of the party, was Blaster Twins preview from Threshold Productions. This GTW is an early version of a bomberman clone, supplied and slammed to the concrete by Moloch!





On Saturday, as the competition deadline approached, we handed in our demo Monochrome. Produced by Icon, iopop, Tao, Dalezy and Twoflower, it ended up securing the bronze medal in the demo compo






Ilesj competed with his awesome Cock Picture, and ended up winning the graphics competition in fierce competition with the other contributing artists.





On Sunday, the last day of Gubbdata 2016, we also published the latest issue of our diskmagazine – Attitude #17. A lot of different content is available in this issue, including what might be the worlds fastest party report!




Also on Sunday, the first release Spaceinvadaz Extra preview was released as well. Supplied by Taper and linked by Lynx.

We hope to be able to present some party photos from Gubbdata soon as well, there were some quite memorable things taking place during the weekend!

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