Monthly Archives: January 2012

Don’t be square – play Cubes!

Girls like Balls, we like Cubes!… Today we give you another brain-teaser from Loadstar. Cubes! was supplied by Romppainen and slammed by Lynx on 2012-01-23. This game will probably increase your IQ by a 100% so it’s well worth a … Continue reading

Alien brain training

Today we give you another brainkiller, Alien Zoo, supplied and onefiled by Lynx! Go and train your grey ones! Meet us on and Taper/TRIAD

Kosmonauts, we give you “Space Shuttle”!

Today we bring you Microdeal Space Shuttle, supplied by bepp and hacked from tape by Archimedes, with some additional work by Sailor, Tao and Taper. In space nobody can hear you scream, which is a shame because unless you study … Continue reading

TRIAD rockstars at the HQ

With Tao coming over to Sweden to celebrate Epiphany we thought it would be nice to have a mini TRIAD rendez-vous at the HQ (Taper’s place). In the freezing January cold we managed to shoot this really cool photo =) … Continue reading

First day of 2012 and we give you Drone Processor Preview

This is an advanced preview of Drone Processor, a game of evolution. Tweak the drones parameters and sit back to see which drone that manages to kill his counterpart the most times. You can re-tweak the parameters anytime you wish, and also save … Continue reading