Monthly Archives: December 2011

TRIAD gives you “Rainbow Challenge”

Greetings! Today we give you Rainbow Challenge, as supplied by bepp and onefiled by Lynx! This one is mixed basic & ML, but quite cute and tricky. Not much left of 2011 now, so we take this opportunity to wish … Continue reading

Christmas greetings!

We managed to put out a quickie between the eggnogs, when Lynx put together and trained “Pot Nabber“. Packed using christmases  gone by, and his first release in 17 years!

TRIAD welcome Lynx and Archimedes to the group!

Interstellar travelling in 8-bit space is demanding, so it feels good to extend the crew with new members from time to time. TRIAD recently gained two new members, Lynx and Archimedes. Welcome aboard the mummyship, lads!