Monthly Archives: November 2011

Supernatural… again!!?!

Being grumpy old men with limited skills in German, we missed the fact that there was a more developed version of Supernatural in the wild, with two-player mode and all. Since we just don’t know when to quit, here is … Continue reading


Greetings! Just a quickie before the weekend is over and we’re all back into the hamster-wheel. Check out “Supernatural prv+2/TRIAD” and don’t let the bats get to you! Always check out and for the latest news! Taper/TRIAD

A night at the arcades

Many of us dream of one day being able to have a data dungeon – a retro resort – where bits are few, beer flows and all baseĀ are belong to us. Oxidy is one guy who is living his dream. … Continue reading


…or rather Taper/TRIAD at GREP 2011. Sadly, CMP caught the flu and Cash had to babysit the Giana Sisters, so Taper became the sole representative this time. GREP turned out to be a nice little party with about 30 visitors, … Continue reading