Protest against the Data Retention Directive!

During the last couple of years, the swedish parliament have approved several new laws and treaties regarding copyright issues and surveilance of the general public. On the 21:st of March, the parliament approved yet another law originating from the EU, the data retention directive. According to this law, telecommunication data from all swedish citizens will be automatically stored. Read more about the directive here.

From now on, all swedish citizens will apparently be regarded as potential criminals. Needless to say, the reaction to this law, aswell as previous laws and treaties such as FRA and ACTA, have sparked protests. Last Saturday, a small protest rally was held in Helsingborg, gathering about 40 people. TRIAD was represented by Taper, who got some help by a computer enthusiast from the younger generation to hold the classic flag.

Taper/TRIAD and young computer enthusiast JP holding the TRIAD flag at the protest rally. Flanked by people from the Communist Party, with members from the Pirate Party, Occupy Helsingborg and independents in the background.

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